Financial Milestones

Well, today marked a few big financial events for me.

The first has to do with So far, I have transfered $921.20 since I joined. My actual balance is higher then that, since I’ve collected some interest already, but that is how much I have deposited. I’ve been thinking about my use of the site for investing, and decided that I should put a cap on it for a while. So, today I transfered another $78.80 and made my deposits to date an even $1,000. Honestly, it feels like a lot of money. I am not worried about losing my investment (I’ve chosen pretty safe loans to fund) but it does worry me a little not having it accessible.

On a similar vein, balancing out my account this way reminded me of something pretty important. Taking my Prosper investment and current bank balance, I’ve shot past my New Years/Birthday resolution of saving an additional $1,000 ($2,075 total). Altogether my assets are worth $2,710.55. Wow. Until I just punched that into my calculator I had no idea. It goes to show that there is a lot of good in hiding money – in anything from investments to coin jars – from yourself; it makes it hard to spend and keeps you feeling like you’re almost broke.

However, I would be really happy if I could achieve my balance goals without including my Prosper investments. The math is pretty easy; that puts me back to $1,710.55, a cool $364.45 short. Bearing in mind that I am getting a raise from my work study and will probably be taking fewer trips to New York this year, I think that is very achievable.

Finally, I am happy to say I deposited my first collection from the Baur Fund. For those who haven’t heard of it, the basic idea is to not only drop your loose change in a jar every night, but to do the same with one dollar bills. I learned this little secret from one of Moi’s suite mates (last name, unsurprisingly, is Baur). I also occasionally call it a stripper fund, but that is a different story.

The important thing is, I had $65 which I had not spent until now, and which made up most of that final deposit to Prosper.

There you have it, three great pieces of financial news from me. Good luck in your own financial lives and remember to be careful where you put your money!


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