Wanting To Push Myself

I wrote a while back that, having done a fair job on most of my New Years/Birthday-to-Birthday resolutions, and still with almost half a year (now more like a quarter) to go, I was considering adding to my list. I didn’t for a long time though simply for not knowing what I wanted to do. Well, I think I now know.

I was actually inspired by the artist (group? not sure…) Packard Jennings(nsfw, sort of). The idea, you can gather pretty quickly by the site, is to create art that can be distributed to the public for free and will hopefully change some things for the better. Well, it just so happens that lately I’ve felt an odd desire to make a big impact on the world. At least, to try to.

So, today I am beginning two public art projects I hope will make a big splash. The first will, hopefully, start tomorrow, but the second will probably start at the end of my resolution.

The first idea is to release a series of blank books into the world, with instructions to add to them and then pass them on. Of course, instructions for how to return them once filled, as well. My goal would be to then scan the work and share it on-line, as well as, if it gets really big, find a publisher to print the books too. Of course, not having written the books, I don’t feel like it would be right to profit from them; my plan would be that any proceeds would go to charity, probably something that reflected the content of the book, which of course I can’t control. In short, it’s exciting.

The second would be something like a direct mailing idea. My goal would be to encourage personal change towards improving the future (as opposed to supporting just legislative, large scale change) and emphasizing not the dangerous consequences of not changing but the potential benefits of changing. That is to say, not “If you keep driving your car Manhattan will be under water in three decades” but “Bike more and watch the pounds drop from your waist while you help the Earth.” Of course, the messages would have to be more moving then that, and I’d like to illustrate the postcard with my own images, so they will take time to prepare. That is why it is my plan to mail the first ones out on my birthday next January after I’ve had time to prepare a website and such to go along with it.

That, at least, is the plan, but these things are always messy. I can say that my first two books will hopefully be mailed out tomorrow. Three more will follow soon.

Here’s to believing in the populace!


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