Goodbye, Bloomfield

It’s official, tomorrow I take up residence at 128 McMahon. Not sure what to expect from the room, outside the usual dorm room stuff. Here’s hoping that it’s a corner room. I think.

Anyway, it’s a hard night. T-Bone, our little doggy, is especially broken up about it. Well, he was. He fell asleep.

I am looking forward to seeing some friends from last year. I know, too, that once I get going my classes will be interesting. The first couple days are just a little hard.

I am happy to say that I was able to fit all of my stuff this year (give or take a fan at my dad’s place) into my car this year, which means I’ve cut back on the amount of stuff I am taking by nearly half. Something tells me my room will still be crowded (and dirty, right Keith?) but I must have learned something from last year.  The biggest lesson: college is never so cut off as it seems. I frankly haven’t been too worried about forgetting anything because I know I can find it out there easily enough.

That said, there are two things I know I am going to miss. The first is home cooked food. College food is hard to stomach normally, but this summer I’ve cut out the fast food, so I’m worried about making the transition. Maybe I will learn to cook in the dorm this year.  The other is… hard to describe. This summer I’ve had more trouble with the enclosed house then usual, not in a claustrophobic sense but more of an aesthetic one. I’ve grown really fond of the outdoors, but especially the solitary outdoors. My campus is large and green, but not solitary. Maybe I’ll yet change my mind about bringing my bike and spend some time off campus, especially if I’m not in New York so often.

Anyway, worries aside, nothing to do but go. The details will sort themselves out. For now, I need sleep.


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