In Praise Of A Liberal Education

Now, I wont say that all college professors are liberal hippies or anything like that, but I might suggest that all Fine Arts professors are. I have to admit that is pretty awesome. Ha ha.

In all seriousness, my professors this semester seem like a cool bunch, mostly laid back but excited about the work. I am too, thanks to that. It seems like my art classes will be a good time. Last year I was happy to find a photography class where everyone felt they could take criticism towards their work without being hurt, and everyone was helpful and constructive in their criticism. It seems that this year will be the same. It is especially nice to learn “aesthetics philosophy” from an anarchist who demands that we question his credibility, his PhD not withstanding. It helps to have a high school friend there too.

So far, it feels like my move to the School of Fine Arts was a good choice. I love writing, but studying writing and doing writing are completely different. I feel cut out for one and not for the other. However, art classes are all about the doing of the art, and that I can do.


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