A Little Sophomoric Financial Hardship

Well, I can’t say I’m in really bad straits, but my finances have taken a beating lately. Lots of art supplies, plus some necessities (like chips and pizza, of course),  have made a big dent in my savings account. The good news is, some help is on the way. Two checks are coming in soon, and I am once again working at the library, adding about fifty dollars a week to my funds.

The real problem, though, is not so much the things I need, like art supplies, or even the little things like snacks, but the silly things I just plain old want. The newest (which is still old, but also expensive) Sim City expansion pack almost suckered me in. Lucky for me I avoided that, as I’ve since lost interest in the game again. Something silly which is still begging for my attention is this fun little torture device from Think Geek. I can’t say why I want it, but I do.

However, I’m refraining, at least until I get my savings balance moving further into the green.  I don’t think that will be a problem though. I seem to have gotten some good habits in place this summer.


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