I realized this morning, sitting in my Sociology class, that I had forgotten to write anything on here last night. Oops! In my defense, I was pumping out pages of a story I have been working on. That may not be consolation to you, being that you don’t get to read it, but it does make me happy.

My lapse last night, though, reminded me of a more pressing issue overall. My posts have been contracted and often rushed since I returned to school. Part of this may well be that my mind has been occupied quite often with thoughts about relationships, much of which feels too private to be posted here (something I had hoped to never say, unfortunately). However, it seems like that is not the only cause. For sure, part of the problem is having less time to myself and having t put more of my energy towards classes. Previously, my posts were usually about things I had been thinking about all day. No such luck now-a-days. Putting more of my writing energy towards fiction can’t help either.

I will make an effort to be better to you, though. Maybe I need to write earlier in the day like I am now, before the world can run me down.


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