On Vanity

For a few weeks, I’ve had a desire to change my hair. The timing of that, related to Moi and I breaking up, may be a coincidence or not, but more on that later. The important thing is, I think I’ve finally figured out what to do. I’m going a bit shorter (in reality, about back to where I started the last time I cut my hair, since despite all my efforts to coax her on my hairdresser has never cut it the same way again) and bringing in the highlights. At the same hairdresser’s suggestion, I am keeping that pretty subtle, knowing that I can exaggerate it later if I want.

Back to the timing; the question that has been bugging me is, how much is this feeling related to ending my relationship with Moi? Well, part of it is unrelated. I’ve hardly ever been one to change my hair or do anything cool with it. When I finally made my last big change, lopping off shoulder length hair for a shorter cut, I found it pretty exciting. That was three years ago, and I feel due for a change of do.

That said, I would be lying if I didn’t say that part of it was because of the changes going on in my life. I suppose it sounds strange, but there is something to be said for vicious endings to long relationships (full disclosure: says me, who has never experienced one). There’s something to be said for the sense of closure people seem to have when they at last resurface after the grieving period in those cases. They get angry, break up, feel bad, and then feel new, ready to start again. Without the anger, things just sort of peter out, and it’s hard to get to the new, ready stage. I guess I feel like doing something a little out there, reinventing myself in some small way, is a good way to mark the end of one period and the beginning of another.

(That whole speech aside, I am still happy for the easy, cooperative end Moi and I had, unique problems and all.)

Also, I’d like to warn you all, the last time I cut my hair, Moi (previously only a friend) fell for me. So, this time, who knows? Look out ladies!


One Response to “On Vanity”

  1. Fat Man Says:

    yeah but you were really ugly before you cut you hair the last time, I am not sure your dog even liked you then!

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