In Search Of A Disinterested Party

The subject earlier (see my previous post about universal chairs) of bias got me thinking, which I’ve been doing a lot of lately anyway, and I came to an interesting conclusion. If you ever find yourself in a difficult situation, it’s tempting to go to your closest friends or family. You might even be able to. However, I’d encourage you to seek out a disinterested party.

I’m sure the idea of searching your loved ones for a bias seems strange. After all, isn’t that one of the reasons we love them? They’ll stay by us no matter what, they’ll put us first and prop us up. Part of that arrangement, typically, is a certain amount of trust that they have your best interests in mind. I’m even fairly sure they do. That said, it’s hardly impossible for people to be motivated by things beyond their control. Too, it’s fairly easy for that unconditional support to backfire.

People who care deeply for you, after all, want to support you in whatever you do. That doesn’t necessarily mean that what you’re doing is a good idea. Similarly, people in your family often balance a desire to support you with a desire to shape you; it is, after all, their job.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t rely on your social network for support. If that is not what they are for, I don’t know what is. I’m just suggesting finding someone disinterested to give you a little perspective on the situation. If you find a good person, you can learn a lot. It’s easy to lose yourself in the unfolding story of a personal crisis and miss obvious things sitting right in front of your face.

It is in this spirit that I say, thank you Kat. Me? Highlights? What the hell was I thinking? More coming soon.


One Response to “In Search Of A Disinterested Party”

  1. Moi Says:

    Lmao. Awwwww. But I wanted to see the highlights.

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