On Music

As my roommate pounds away on his DDR pad and I a try to track down a song stuck in my head, I can’t help but recognize the significance of music in our day to day lives. Not that it really comes as a surprise to anyone.

In particular, though, I’ve been thinking lately about the way music tends to form deep connections with events in our lives. I don’t just mean your wedding song or something standard like that. I’m sure there are countless songs which would trigger for you really strange and otherwise minor memories.

Take No Doubt’s album Rock Steady. I picked up the CD at the same time as I first learned to play minesweeper. No lie, both were on my computer easily four hours a day for a solid week. Now, unfortunately, I can’t do either without the other, they are that tightly associated in my mind.

Perhaps a better example is the album Pressure Chief by Cake, a band I have never heard of anyone else liking. Maybe that is just me. The important thing is, I picked up their CD at the same time as I found a game online (which no longer exists) that was similar to Risk. I haven’t listened to the CD or played the game in forever. However, as soon as I hit play tonight, the game came to mind.

Before I sound like I never do anything but play games and blog, I’d like to point you to one of my favorite CDs ever. I mean, of course, the entirely politically incorrect and terribly korny lyrics of Shaggy. Hot Shot has, for reasons still unknown to me, made me smile every time I’ve had girl troubles ever. Hearing You Sang To Me, by Marc Anthony, for the first time, I fell in love. Luckily, I fell back out when the song ended, and the girl in question never found it. I wont even go into all the songs that have (had? not sure about that) meaning to Moi and I.

I wish I were going somewhere with this, but in truth, I just thought it was fun. I have too many thoughtful philosophy classes at present to worry about having a point. So go think about your most meaningful songs, and go to bed!


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