The Past Few Days

I haven’t posted for two days, apparently, and that seems to be worrying some people. This goes out to you.

First of all, I haven’t been feeling well. It’s nothing more then a minor cold sort of thing, but on top of the recent heat we’ve had, it’s left me wanting badly to just lay down and pass out.

In addition, a friend of mine has recently been going through a tough time. It’s not anything I can really talk about, here or in private, but it has been weighing on my thoughts lately. Taken together, those are the reasons I haven’t been writing.

Now, to the future! I am happy to share some news with you that I’ll also be posting to my new Etherbooks blog. The final book is officially out and on its way. I got word from the professor that she received it, and would add something and pass it this weekend. So I am excited. That makes three confirmed to be on in circulation, with the other two presumed to be, you know, out there. I don’t have them, anyway.

Thats all for tonight. See you tomorrow!


One Response to “The Past Few Days”

  1. Ma-chan Says:

    Yay for the Etherbooks!! ❤ I can’t wait to see what they come back full with!

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