Experiments In Deprivation

Before I get to the title subject of this post, two small pieces of news I want to share.

First, my butt was in the paper! During the aforementioned chalk drawing project for one of my art classes, a Daily Campus photographer snapped a picture while I was bent over my work. To be fair, another guy got it worse; it looks like he is straddling someone else’s head.

Second, this morning, between being tired, sick, and on Dayquil (my eternal friend), I was in my drawing class having fits of giggles over the stupidest stuff. I’m pretty sure people think I’m a little bit insane now. Oh well.

Now then, the experiments! For my aesthetics class, I had to do an experiment a few weeks ago where I blind(fold)ed myself for four hours; I’m not sure if I ever wrote about it. The point was to get away from our normal dependence on vision and see what life would be like. It was a difficult if interesting experience.

Today, he gave us a new project. We have to deprive ourselves again, but this time we have to cut ourselves off from one of our technological crutches – ideally our biggest technological crutch. Think e-mail, Facebook, cell phone. Not only that, but the experiment is longer this time. 96 hours longer, to be precise. Which works out to four days and four hours.

I don’t doubt that this will be a shock, but I am actually looking forward to it. My biggest question right now is what to ditch. I’m inclined to go all out and drop e-mail, cell phone, blogs, and Facebook. It feels like that would be a lonely four days, but maybe not. I know I can’t drop the following:

  • My cell phone as a dorm phone, because I have no alternative. So it would have to be tethered, so to speak. Also, it is my only alarm clock.
  • School e-mail, since I receive homework and such occasionally through it.
  • School websites, for the same reason.
  • This blog, because I don’t want to have that big a lapse.

So everything else is up for grabs! If anyone has any suggestions or a strong opinion, let me have it!

(Also, a quick question. I was inclined to use the phrase “go balls out” during this post, and thought better of it… Apparently, though, there is some debate about the terms origins. I assumed an anatomical meaning, but it seems theres an argument that the phrase originated with the flyball regulators in steam engines. To go “balls out” would mean running the train at top speed. In retrospect, the anatomical idea… doesn’t make a lot of sense, does it? So, anyone have an opinion about it? Better, a qualified source giving the origin?)


4 Responses to “Experiments In Deprivation”

  1. Connie Says:

    Please don’t do cell phone and email and blog. That would be a communications blackout. (I didn’t see video games on the list….)

  2. Moi Says:

    I’m with Connie. Video games seems like a good one. 🙂

  3. Zack Says:

    Well, first off, a communications blackout is sort of the point, now isn’t it? We’ll see about that.

    I’m not sure that video games are a terribly good thing to give up, though. It’s debatable whether they would be defined by McLuhan as cold or hot media, but either way, they’re only a game. They don’t generally have a huge effect on interpersonal relationships or the functioning of society. Well, I’m sure McLuhan would disagree with that… But still.

    TV would be a good option too, if only I could find a way to convince my roommate of that.

  4. Narcissus Narcosis « The Sens-Dep Experience Says:

    […] while, but it is time to decide what media I will fast from for four days (and four hours) for my Aesthetics project. I probably will not start until I wake up on Monday, but I want to get my list sorted out. So […]

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