A Little About Me

For my upcoming second section of studio foundations, I had to fill out a short questionnaire sort of thing. Never one to miss an opportunity to multi task, I’m going to toss it up here too for you all. Enjoy!

1. What is your full name?

[Ed – Sorry, private!]

2. Where are you from and what does it mean to you to be from there?

I have now lived in Connecticut for more than half of my life, but I always think of myself as being from Wisconsin, where I lived previously. I feel that this represents a connection to a culture that is slower, more pastorally minded. It means being in touch with the realities of the world and what it means to live in it.

3. What are your nick names & screen names (AIM names, myspace, etc) and why have you chosen them?

I have never really gone by a nickname other then Zack. A few friends from high school called me houshi (Japanese for priest) because I was easy to talk to and gave good advice.

[Ed – This part is private too, sorry again!]

4. What do you hope to get out of the art program?

I was lucky enough to take Art 166 last year (I am a sophomore) despite not being in the art program. I found that the program pushed my abilities and provided an environment where I could collaborate with my professors and peers, all of us learning from the others. I hope that the program continues to do this during my time here: stretch my horizons in a positive, constructive environment.

5. What do you hope to get out of this class?

I’m not exactly sure. I didn’t know what to expect coming in. So far, I have been exposed to exercises I wouldn’t have tried on my own. Also, some of the projects have grabbed my attention and inspired me to do extra work for my own sake. I feel like both of these are great things to take from this sort of course.

6. What is your media diet? Please list the types and specific names of movies, music, web sites and other media streams you seek out and absorb.

I watch TV a fair amount; almost all the series I follow regularly are anime, though I also like comedians, the Daily Show, and Mythbusters. I also follow several blogs daily (No Impact Man [www.noimpactman.typepad.com], Get Rich Slowly [www.getrichslowly.org], and Boing Boing [www.boingboing.net]). I listen to an eclectic collection of music that varies a lot from week to week. Currently an old Daniel Bedingfield album has been top of my list. I read the Daily Campus nearly daily and have a lot of reading for classes (Plato, Marshall McLuhan currently) which has interfered with my normal leisure reading. I don’t watch many movies deliberately, but my roommate will often play something for background noise. I have a subscription to Discover magazine as well as Popular Mechanics.

7. What do you want to be when you grow up?

I’d like to be a well rounded person who has a good understanding of his beliefs. I’d also like to be an artist, probably a photographer, but I am open to where my life takes me. I would probably prefer to be active in a few different projects or fields for the sake of variety.

8. What is your favorite candy?

Hmm, something with chocolate, probably Snickers or peanut butter cups.

There you have it. Now go to sleep!


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