An Idea For An Art Project

Last year, my roommate was reading through a web comic called Drowtales, which focuses, not surprisingly, on Drow (better known to most non-Dungeons & Dragons players as dark elves). At one point, we started wondering how the distinctive look of a Drow – dark, slate black skin, pure white hair, and generally purple to red eyes – would translate into real life. In the comic, it was interesting, sometimes almost attractive. We suspected, however, that in real life the effect would be disturbing. After all, black (as in slate, or grey, not dark brown, like the people) skin is generally a sign of really bad disease, or, well, death. But we weren’t sure.

So I decided to find out.

I used a picture of my most willing (read: unable to object) model, my then girlfriend Moi, and went to work in Photoshop. The process was a lot of fun and the result was impressive. Turns out, she could pull it off pretty well, at least, to my roommate and I’s taste. Maybe were just weird.

Anyway, I’ve told you all of this because it inspired my newest idea for an art project. Between the two of us, we know lots of people who have played D&D. I was thinking, what would it be like to turn them into their characters. What might it tell us about them?

It would be quite a bit of work, no doubt, least of all being the actual portraits. But I think the results could be impressive. Also, the idea of D&D characters hanging in a gallery tickles me.

I’d love people’s thoughts. Thanks!

[P.S. – I wrote this up last night, and today I grabbed the campus newspaper and checked my horoscope: “You’ve put together enough of the pieces to visualize the whole picture. Don’t take action yet; you’ll have more support from friends if you wait.”  I’m not one to believe in horoscopes, but I thought the coincidence was funny. Especially since the paper is still the one from Friday, which I haven’t read till now.]


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