More About That Art Project

I’m glad that the fortune cookie told me to hold off and wait for some help from friends on that art project, because I sure could use it. I realized that there are probably a lot of details I ought to sort out before I go to my prospective models.

What sort of background should I use? Or should I use a background at all? How formal should the portraits be? A part of me had originally intended to model it off a project I saw that was made up of formal portraits of fencers in their gear. Another part of me, though, feels like the project would benefit from a slightly candid element.

I suppose my best bet is just to go in with full disclosure that I only halfway know what I am doing. Ha ha. I’ve only ever used Moi as a formal model, and we had such a well established relationship that it was never that difficult. She was very tolerant of my lack of experience.

I think I’ll go ahead and put up the request for volunteers late today. What’s the worst that could happen?


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