So Much Reflection!

As if there wasn’t enough stress on my already limited ability to maintain this blog… Another project that distracts me! In this case, it’s a daily collage/sketchbook for my Studio Foundations class. I want to take advantage of the project, because it does genuinely sound like fun, but, man! It’s like another blog, only slower, because it’s drawing and clipping stuff. Ah well, it was cool; we bound the books ourselves.

Maybe more later but probably will save anything for tomorrow. Sorry! See you then.

[Ed- After I posted this, I checked the campus paper for today’s horoscope: “The work’s annoying and it doesn’t pay all that well yet. Think of it as part of your education, which it is.”]


One Response to “So Much Reflection!”

  1. Ma-chan Says:

    Lawlz…the horoscopes are suiting you well, Zakkun….hehehe…and I volunteer, o’course. ^^

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