I Love The Internet

There are days when the internet, like a benevolent goddess, delivers unto her followers gifts and blessings. I’m sure you’ve had the experience I mean. You stumble upon something insignificant and it makes you happy all day. Yesterday I was given one of these gifts, and her name is Mia Rose.

Apparently, she started as a singer on Youtube, where she has made something of a cult following, and is now working her way up the recording industry ladder. I can’t find any CD for her, and most of her videos are covers of songs that hang out on the border between country and pop. The videos are actually a little unnerving at times – it looks like most of them were filmed in hotels (sounds like it too), and she sometimes looks really uncomfortable in front of the camera. Honestly, they can be a little creepy at times, but also really interesting.

Most importantly, she has a pretty impressive voice.

Anyway, I hope she goes far. I love it when the internet works for everyone.

Additionally, here’s another Youtuber (<- not sure that is a word) my dad likes.


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