Narcissus Narcosis

I have put it off for a little while, but it is time to decide what media I will fast from for four days (and four hours) for my Aesthetics project. I probably will not start until I wake up on Monday, but I want to get my list sorted out. So below, all the big options, and my thoughts.

  • Facebook. My official fast for the project. Cold turkey and no exceptions.
  • Cell Phone. I’m treating my phone like a land line for those four days. So I can call people when it is plugged in. However, if I carry it with me (I might for emergencies) it will stay turned off. (This is dependent on a project from one of my other art classes ending on Monday, because we are using text messaging.)
  • TV. I’m already trying this out, furtively. I can’t completely quit because I share the TV and the room with my roommate. I’m not that mean. But I have been forcing myself (for the most part) to not turn it on for myself unless I have something specific to watch. Turns out, that is almost never.
  • Other blogs. Possibly. Most of them I get updates from through e-mail (see below) anyway. I’m a little bored with some of them anyway.
  • E-mail? I’m not sure. A likely middle-ground would be to check it less often. I can’t stop checking my school e-mail, anyway, because my professors use it. Also, I believe my family would have a fit.
  • Instant Messenger? Probably not. I probably should, but there are a couple people who would miss me. I think. I will consider it for the future, but not for the project.
  • Newspaper. No. I like having the campus paper, actually, to keep myself up to date on local news.
  • iPod. I don’t really use mine that much anyway, so, no worries. Most often it is during long stretches of busy work (things I get paid to do), not while I walk between classes or things like that.
  • This blog. No.

I think those are all the big ones. Thoughts are welcome!


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