Da Rulez!

So, my technofast starts tomorrow morning when I wake up, and will run till at least noon on Friday. It’s technically for a class, but I am going beyond the call of the assignment. I hope that some of the changes I make will be a little more permanent then one week. Below are the official rules:

  • No Facebook.
  • No Blogs.
  • Cell phone is a land line only.
  • My roommate is the only one who can touch the TV or its remote.
  • E-mail in the morning, after classes, and before bed only.
  • Limit instant messenger as seen fit.

There you have it! For one week. I have to stay off Facebook for the assignment. We’ll see how I do on the others.

Goodnight! (Oh, and I’ll still be posting here, so come by!)


2 Responses to “Da Rulez!”

  1. Moi Says:

    how goes it so far?

  2. Secular Lent « Step Lightly Says:

    […] I had to abandon technology for a week for my aesthetics class. You can read about that experience here and here. Initially, I expected it to just be a hassle. It turned out to be an enlightening […]

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