I was sitting, watching the tally of abortions on that poodwaddle clock roll up by the second, and talking to two friends on instant messenger. The tally of forest lost. Marriages. Cancer. I had to ask, how is this possible?

In Aesthetics, we talked about how (according to McLuhan), electric media extend our nervous system. Let us feel the world, be in many places at once. iPods, cell phones, the internet.

A human being can’t begin to understand what those abortions ticking away the second means. Never mind that the actual act takes a lot longer then that; try to send your mind out, touching on each of those doctors’ offices. It’s impossible. It would require a constant state of… of what? Pain, sadness, stress. Look down, and send yourself out to each wedding that ticks off. Happyness, love, a constant wave.

It’s all too big.

At the same time, I was trying to talk to my friends. It felt personal, and yet, somehow, I kept asking myself if it was really any more real then the world clock. I can talk to a person but I never see them. I don’t hear their voice.

Earlier, I was getting ready to order plants for my garden next summer. I’m not even sure that I will have a place to plant them, but I want to try. I feel like I need that now, that connection to something more simple and natural.

And yet, a bit earlier still, I realized I went all day and never saw the sun.

No wonder I sympathize with John Zerzan when he says “modern” man is fractured.


One Response to “Dislocated”

  1. Momma Says:

    I know how it feels to go a day without seeing the sun…how it feels to go several, actually. I once fell into a state of complete annoyance with the world, and depression, that not once in the time of four and a half days did I ever leave my room. Tied down with my computer as my only means of communication and cell phone at my side, it was a bit sickening to come out later and see that what I had missed wasn’t something I missed at all. Still chaos. ‘Modern’ man may be fractured, but perhaps few of them can live that way happily.

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