TechnoFast: Day 1

I was asked how my little technology fast was going, so here is the update.

I have avoided Facebook completely. So far, not so bad.

I’ve also avoided blogs, which has been a bit more frustrating. I don’t terribly miss No Impact Man or Get Rich Slowly, but BoingBoing was my fall back for small moments of boredom.

I decided to revise my e-mail a little. The biggest reason people suggest checking e-mail at specific times is to avoid the distraction. Most of the time, though, I check e-mail during times when i wouldn’t really be doing anything else anyway. My current goal is to begin an assignment and not check e-mail till it is finished. So far, so good.

I haven’t noticed having my cell phone off when I am out and about. I suppose no one really calls that often anyway.

Instant messenger is about the same as always.

Not touching the TV is hard! Which is sad, because I don’t have anything to watch. It’s a habit.

What am I doing in my free time? Reading, a lot, actually. Both for classes (as always) and some personal reading. Doing some freelance design work too.

Probably more later. Ciao!


One Response to “TechnoFast: Day 1”

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    […] abandon technology for a week for my aesthetics class. You can read about that experience here and here. Initially, I expected it to just be a hassle. It turned out to be an enlightening experience. […]

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