On Art

Art is standing on the side of a highway, cardboard sign in hand, trying to get someone to notice you: to smile, to wave, maybe to flip you off, or even to stop. If you think I’m confusing my art for my hitchhiking, you haven’t met my current Studio Foundations professor.

Yes, we did actually spend a class pseudo-hitchhiking. No one was going anywhere. But we did have a small cardboard sign and a thick black marker to use to get people’s attention. That was all. We were given points (not a grade, jsut friendly competition) based on the reactions we got.

Standing beside the highway for three hours (actually, I was sitting back in the woods for all but five minutes of it) was a good way to pass class. The remarkable part is how well it does seem to represent the art world. Incendiary comments got attention. Comments everyone could associate with did too. Of course, being female and cute wasn’t bad either.

I did pretty poorly. “Watch the road,” clever as it may or may not be, mostly made people watch the road. The cute girl with the “I like hot rides” sign killed everyone, naturally. Such is life.

Oh, and there was a creepy guy who started driving back and forth ever ten minutes or so. *shudder*

One Response to “On Art”

  1. Momma Says:

    You should have given me a call…I would have given that cute girl a run for her money…

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