Philosophical Musings

Today, I was considering how to respond to an art assignment (to write a personal manifesto) and an idea resolved in my mind. I wont say out of the blue, but it organized some thoughts I’ve had bouncing around or a while.

Nothing done was not worth doing,
but it likely is not worth doing again.

I suppose you could say I’ve found an elaborate way of saying “No regrets,” and I think that i partially true. Certainly it has the tone of academic philosophical writing, which makes any simple idea sound ridiculously complicated. I mean something a little stronger though. True, I think regret is largely a waste of time, but more then that I am encouraging people to look upon their past, for better or worse, as a learning experience. If you did something and decided later you wished you hadn’t, absolutely don’t do it again. As I say in the quote above, most things will fall into this category to a greater or lesser degree. But learning how you feel about something, trying a new path in life, is always worthwhile. Nothing done was not worth doing.

I hope you find some truth there. Maybe you will, maybe not. There’s some question though if perhaps I was influenced by some other source I don’t recall. So if it sounds familiar and you can cite a source, do it!


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