On Public Service

I am working on that manifesto, but at the moment, it remains unfinished, so instead some thoughts on public service.

I learned recently that my aesthetics professor is running for mayor of his town. In all honesty, I don’t see how he can possibly win. An anarchist mayor in America? Maybe if you head up to Alaska, but not in the lower 48. Still, I wish him all the luck.

Even more-so, I am incredibly  proud of his example. Most people would look at the idea of being mayor, even of a small town, and think it was too much work. Leave it to a politician. Yet everyone hates politicians. Everyone hates the way things are run. Everyone could do it better but no one does.

Public Service is just that, a service to the public. It shouldn’t be about prestige or power, but about a responsibility we all share in as members of a democracy. There were democratic societies in which officials were elected whether they wanted the post or not. Perhaps we need something like that now. After all, politicians suck at leading this country.  The people who could lead are too disgusted by politics to every run for office.

So I admire my professor. I can’t imagine the changes he would spawn as mayor (can you say abolishing the school system?), but the fact that he is running when everything is against him is incredible. He’s a patriot in a way most only claim to be, and it’s made me realize that my level of participation amounts to squat.

We all could take a lesson and dive into politics because it’s a responsibility, not a privilege.


2 Responses to “On Public Service”

  1. krissnp Says:

    interesting blog.

  2. Moi Says:

    That makes me think of something that Plato said in the Republic. The only good politician is one who does not want to be a politician. And that is he philosopher, which sounds a lot like your prof.

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