Resolutions Update

Remember how, originally, this blog was about a set of New Years/Birthday-to-Birthday Resolutions (My birthday is close enough to New Years for them to be the same)? Otherwise known as the “List of Things I Should Do Before I Turn Twenty.” I thought, since I’ve hardly thought about them, let alone write, for a while, I should catch you all up.

Here is the list:

1. Complete a working portfolio (photography, probably, but perhaps other graphic arts work too)
2. Organize writing collection (old fiction, etc)
3. Save at least an additional $1000
4. Get into Columbia University
5. Keep an up-to-date resume
6. Revive City of Shalom
7. Have at least one salad per week (hey, it’s a start)
8. Prepare a public art project expressing positive messages about the environmentto begin on my birthday (added to the list here.)

Numbers 1, 4, and 5 are done (or as done as they get). Numbers 2 and 6 are well under way. 7 is, well, never mind that one. I had honestly forgotten about number 8 until I wrote this post, but I have been working on a number of interesting public art projects, so I am doing okay.

So, that leaves for us number 3, the money goal! My bank account total should be around $2,075. I’ve mentioned before that, when one includes the money I have invested in, I’ve already far usurped this goal. In terms of just my savings, though, I am not quite there. However, I am happy to say that not visiting New York nearly every weekend has it’s financial advantages. My total is up to $1948. $52 and I am good.

It’s an exciting moment. Good luck to you in all your goals!

Now get some sleep.

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