Those Damn Flashing Lights

I feel dirty. Let me tell you why.

I’ve always had a natural dislike for Justin Timberlake. Actually, it’s always surprised me that people don’t share my feeling. Think back to N’Sync. Ew, right? Corny lyrics, and so gross. He was always the worst of the bunch.

It doesn’t help that all you silly girl like him so much! Slimy wannabe rapper.

My dad and I always joked around that listening to one of his songs was a capitol offense, and rushed to switch the radio whenever we heard one of his songs come on.

He may well disown me. I actually sought out one of his songs tonight. Uhg.

Of course, the real fault lies with Daniel Bedingfield, that insensitive jerk. He was my bounce back music for the past couple months. Good, silly fun, full of himself and not to be taken too seriously. Unfortunately, he is also a lot like that other guy.

Oh well. I have moved on anyway, and my new love says things that, well, make me wrinkle my nose. Mom, Dad, meet Colbie Caillat.


One Response to “Those Damn Flashing Lights”

  1. doug Says:

    thanks It was nice to meet her she seems like a nice girl

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