This Election Season

I’ve come to realize something lately. I’ve always associated myself with Democrats, believing that I felt closest to them. However, I’ve always known that the match was imperfect at best. However, this year, I feel like the field is wide open.

I’ve had lots of classes making me consider political issues I’ve never thought of before, and it’s made me realize I’m not at all a Democrat or a Republican. However, since I haven’t got much choice, I will take any candidate who can best deliver the sort of change I want. Scary as it is to admit, that might not just mean a republican, but anyone.

Yes, even Colbert, if he can prove himself to me.

I suppose this is how things always aught to be. Voting along party lines is a waste of time. It doesn’t prove, or improve, anything.

So, come on candidates, impress me!


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