Organ Donation

My dad sent me this touching story, and it got me thinking about organ donation. I think I am technically registered as one (I had the heart put on my license, but never signed the back). However, I have always been a little conflicted about it.

On the one hand, I can’t imagine a post-death experience where what happens to my body really matters. I think it’s quite possible that at death, what makes up me dies when my brain dies. I could also imagine, though, that our “soul” goes somewhere else, be it heaven or reincarnation or wherever. Either way, what is left isn’t me. It might as well be used to help others.

At the same time, there is something creepy about the whole idea. Organ collection agencies move so fast. They have to. Dignity, whatever that means for a corpse, takes something of a backseat, not to mention that they sometimes push for families to pull the plug. It’s creepy, and I feel protective of my body, even if I don’t know why.

I’ve asked some people, and it seems no one else is bothered by it the way I am. My dad is an organ donor, my mom too, Moi is, my roommate is.

It’s strange, but the thing I keep remembering is something my mom told me once. Shortly before my paternal grandmother passed away, she fell down some stairs and broke her hip. Because she was so weak, they opted to wait to operate on the hip until she could recover some. However, she didn’t recover, and passed away with her hip still broken.

Recently, my mom and I were talking and she said she had always been bothered that they hadn’t fixed grandma’s hip. Of course, it was a sound medical decision: the operation would have killed her, and there’s no sense operating on a dead body. However, my mom couldn’t shake the idea that come judgment day (which my grandma believed in, even if my mom doesn’t) she would have a broken hip. It’s a strange concern, maybe, but in some ways it’s strange that, as a predominantly Christian nation we don’t worry about it more.

We will all be raised without our guts, apparently.

Of course, like I said, I don’t really buy the idea of a judgment day where all the bodies of the dead are raised, so why some sense of being protective over my body matters is still a mystery.

I think I’m going to sign the card.


2 Responses to “Organ Donation”

  1. Moi Says:

    Your link no worky.

  2. Moi Says:

    Btw, congrats on your 200th post! 😀

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