Stretching And Meditation

I woke up yesterday feeling fine, but around noon my back started seizing up. I have no idea why, but it nearly knocked me down when it started. I have, with the help of some warm water and pain killers, taken it easy and gotten it feeling better. For the most part it feels normal. However, it got me thinking (as does my back every time it troubles me) that I really need to do more to keep my body healthy.

I’m thinking daily stretching would be good. Some sort of meditation would be good, too, I think. It can’t hurt, right? As always, I need to work out somehow too.

In general, I am trying to get more in touch with my body. Hopefully I can get in better shape and avoid some sickness and such. Since I can’t be outside in the dirt as much as I was in the summer, I will be inside connecting to myself.

Well, that sounded uncharacteristically spiritual for me, so I’ll cut this short. Get some sleep out there!


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