Preparing For The Future

So much is going on, I apologize for missing another night last night. The good news is, I am getting most of the work sorted out, and most of it is preparation for next year.

The coming year is big on my mind lately. My resolutions are almost up, which means it is time to think about next year. My financial goal is pretty obvious to me: double the savings again, to $4,000. With my $1,000 in, I would feel like I was doing very well. As for other resolutions, the field is pretty wide open.

I’m choosing classes too. Intermediate Photo, Drawing 2, and Sculpture seem to be the ones to choose. All on Monday and Wednesday, unfortunately. However, that means Tuesday and Thursday will be easy days with art history and linguistics, and Friday will just be one discussion section. All good news.

I’ll write more about schedules, jobs, and resolutions (what do I need to do before my 21st birthday?) in the near future. For now, back to work!


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