The Long Way Home

Trying to write this before Norah Jones’ “The Long Way Home” loops again on iTunes…

I have been thinking lately about relationships. In particular, because I am torn between wanting to avoid them (if for no other reason then the financial benefits… my goodness!), enjoying my freedom so to speak, and missing the regular intimacy that a long, stable relationship brings about. I keep wondering why it is that people get stuck right where I am, not happy being single (song just started over… switching singers) but unwilling to “get back in the game.” Alright, actually, less so “like me” and more “like in a sit-com.” You know the sort of situation I mean.

I think the problem is the intermediate period. Starting to date someone is exciting, but it is also hard, time consuming, and awkward. The thing a lot of people really want is the steady comfort of being with someone for a long time. So the conflict arises from wanting something that comes in the future without wanting to the intermediate step.

Alright, that probably sounds pretty obvious. I blame Aristotle, who relishes in taking forever to say something really obvious in the most obtuse language he can.

On an unrelated note, I am considering slightly altering a story idea I’ve been playing with, for it to include shinigami. Since someone complains when I use Wikipedia, you can Google it yourself. It’s Japanese. My particular idea is inspired by India, and that’s all I’m saying.



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