The Baur Fund

While I’ve mentioned the idea a few times on the site, I’ve never taken the time to explain the idea of a Baur Fund. it’s a pretty simple idea to save some money which I lifted from a friend.

I should start out by saying that this works best for people who daily come across small temptations to spend money. You know the expression, being nickel and dimed to death? You probably already drop your spare change in a jar at home to avoid that sort of temptation (not to mention all that extra weight in your pocket). Well, if you also tend to spend dollars here and there, this is for you, and it’s really simple.

Toss your dollars in with the change at the end of the day. Don’t keep anything worth less then $5 on your person. Thats it.

The idea here is that spending five dollars (or even breaking a five) is harder then a few ones. No vending machines, no homeless people, and probably no charity boxes. I’m sure you can imagine a million other places it is tempting to spend those dollars just to get them out of your wallet.

I did that all summer, and saved a lot of money (something like $60). I will admit that I have done a lot worse at school (In my defense, vending machines are often breakfast for this college student), but I think the idea can be of benefit to a lot of people. Not to mention, it’s easy!

Thanks to Timm for the idea!


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