On The Difficulty of Human Relationships

When you think about it, it s pretty incredible that anyone ever finds someone they really love. it’s especially bad if you really believe in soul mates. I’m sure I sound mopey, but think about the odds.

To begin with, there are how many people of the opposite sex (well, the sex you like, anyway, excluding bisexuals, who I suppose have an advantage)? Three billion or so. That is a lot of people to choose from. I will grant you that most are too old or too young to even be considered, so lets say more like one billion. What a big pool to choose from.

Still, the real trouble isn’t that there are too many people, but too few, for precisely the reason that you don’t meet most of them. In fact, most people probably only ever meet the tiniest fraction of that number. Of those, how many are cut off from you by various social hurdles (some more legitimate then others): kinship, kinship of your friends, friend of an ex, on and on. Or else you meet, but are “at different points in your life.”

“Looking for different things.”

Maybe you aren’t even looking, although by now you should see how stupid that is. What if you just missed them!

Add on to this the difficulty of getting to people to agree on how to pass a Friday night, let alone an entire life together, and it seems like finding someone you love should be nearly impossible. Yet it happens all the time, every day.

So the question is, do we find the people we’re meant to, or do we create those people? Do we settle? We don’t want to think so, and yet it seems more likely. Whether or not that’s a good thing is hard to say. It wont ever appeal to the romantic, but at least it means we have a way to combat the odds.


One Response to “On The Difficulty of Human Relationships”

  1. lifedlx Says:

    that’s a really nice topic. I guess you’re right, but what’s the alternative?
    Either you think you love or you die alone searching for your real love ( you will never find… ). So there’s no alternative, life goes like this. If there’s love at all, love develops. love at first sight is a imagination

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