Art And Sharing

This isn’t the post promised – Sorry, that lovely piece of bottled hate will have to wait till I crest the current hill of homework. Such is the life of a college student.

Instead, I’d like to touch on something I’ve noticed today, without attempting to draw any greater generalizations or deep meaning.

My art program is an incredible place to be. The real selling point, though, is the people, and nothing shows them off better then when it comes to sharing.

Repeatedly, I’ve seen that people are incredibly willing to part with their work if it means giving it to a classmate they know will appreciate it. I’ve given away work a few times. Today, in fact, I gave a piece (there were 147 identical pieces) to almost everyone. Someone even paid me, unrequested, for it (which actually made me feel bad, I owe him a favor).

I also have a few people’s work. Megan’s rain photo. Ellis’s paper hand. I’m sure I’ll add to it before the end of my time her.

Why do people feel so willing to give things away?  I’m not sure. Part of it, I’m sure, is that we don’t invest much more then time in most projects. Also, because we know it will go to better use with them then with us. More then anything, though, it’s because we’re a small group and we all feel a responsibility for making the art school the sort of place we want to be.

Or maybe it’s just working the odds, so that if any one of us makes it big, the rest have priceless relics to sell.  Worth a shot, right?


2 Responses to “Art And Sharing”

  1. Momma Says:

    Konoha Tops…

    I don’t like giving my work away. Not really…it usually gets chucked.

  2. Zack Says:

    That reminds me, are my roommate and I getting Garra still? Ha ha.

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