Doubts About Sensdep

Lately, and especially today, I’ve been having doubts about keeping a blog. I’ve been weighing the benefits against the benefits of switching to a diary of some sort. If any of my fans  (small group, mostly friends/family) feels like contributing to the debate, I welcome your thoughts.

For me, there have always been two big advantages to this blog. The first is that the perception of an audience gets me to write. Even if there’s no one really reading, I feel obligated to in a way I don’t when it is only for myself. Also, I like the idea that this could, possibly, be a way for me to get my name out there.

Unfortunately, I’ve alway also known that this blog has little in the way of commercial potential. The topics I cover are too scattered and I, hard as it may be to admit (ha ha), have no other reputation to draw people in.

It also bothers me, to some degree, that I don’t always say what I mean to say because of the people who read this. I wouldn’t have the same worry if I wrote in a private journal.

Writing personally has the advantage, as well, of encouraging me to spin “posts” into essay and try to have them published. This is a lot more time intensive to begin with but, if I’m successful, will reach a much wider audience. It’s been seeming like a much more sensible arrangement lately.

Sorry, this seems a little disjointed. The basic breakdown is as follows.


  • Immediate release to a potentially large audience.
  • Forces me to write every day.
  • Serves as an easy way to tell lots of people close to me about big events.
  • I have invested a lot of time in it already.


  • Private, no need to self censure.
  • More personal.
  • Physical, not likely to disappear in a server fire or something similar.
  • Can be used later to write essays, memoirs,what have you, which can be submitted for publication.
  • Can record art related ideas for later projects, etc.
  • A challenge to myself to keep the habit.

So there you have it. What would my diary entries look like? I suspect something pretty concise most of the time. Below might be an example from today.

Busy day, but not as bad as yesterday. Rainy, cleared late. Lots of that nervous energy tonight, but nothing to do! Looking forward to the break. Have to do something adventurous.

I’ll let everyone know which way I decide to go.


One Response to “Doubts About Sensdep”

  1. Connie Says:

    Selfishly speaking, I get to read this, and if you keep a private journal, I won’t be able to read it.

    But you know my doubts about the blog vs. my own experience / preference for a private journal.

    However, to play devil’s advocate, if you feel you have to censor yourself here, how are you going to publish anything in any other venue? Just a thought.

    Is there really such a thing as a server fire????

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