Hello Again!

At long last I return. Sorry to say there hasn’t been any specific reason why I’ve been absentee lately except that I’ve been trying the paper journal idea. So far I like it pretty well. The response has been interesting, but that is a post for another day.

Will I continue this blog? Probably, in some form. Honestly, if my experiences so far as trustworthy, then this blog should switch to humor. Completely irrelevant and silly posts like Craigslist’s Worst have far, far out performed any other posts I’ve ever written. Honestly, we’re talking about an order of magnitude better. I’m not sure I’m interested in that, though, especially when WordPress isn’t equipped to allow any sort of advertising.

I’m not sure there are any big subjects I’d enjoy focusing on. I may be making an effort to spend less time online soon, as well, which would obviously impact my blogging.

I appreciate everyone who has kept an eye on me recently hoping for news and hopefully I will provide you with some good news soon!


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