Wachovia Is Trying To Lose A Customer

I’ve been a Wachovia customer for a long time, and during that time they have done a lot that was less then stellar. Their overdraft fees, for example, are huge, and often it takes so long for the overdraft to show up that I’ve made more then one overdraft. I’ll concede, though, that I bear a lot of blame for that too.

Lately, though, these $2 miscellaneous fees were popping up everywhere. I assumed, being miscellaneous, it would happen once or maybe twice, but its happened many times. I wrote them to inquire about it, and was informed that they have begun charging an extra fee for using another bank’s ATM. Yes, on top of the usual $2 charged by that other bank, my bank is charging me the same amount. Not to mention the fact that it used to be $1 from the other bank. I digress.

Tamala, my customer service rep, received this e-mail:

 Is there any way this fee could be waived? I have long been a customer of Wachovia and am generally happy with your service, but have only two Wachovia ATMs near me, and both locations are about 45 minutes from my residence. If there is no way around these new charges, I will probably have to move my account to another provider. In this age of online banks and the Co-Op Network of ATMs  (a nationwide set of credit union ATMs) I am disappointed that Wachovia saw fit to start charging their customers an addition fee.

-Zack Wussow

Now, I know a few of my friends will say I’m taking this a bit too hard, but Wachovia has added more and more unfriendly fees and restrictions (they recently limited me to six, non-on-site transactions between my accounts [i.e., through their web service] a month). If she can offer me some sort of reasonable arrangement (dropping the fees alone would work for me) I will probably stay with them. A sign that they listen to or care about their customers would be impressive. However, when that doesn’t happen, I’ll be looking around. That $2 is 5% of my usual ATM withdrawal, so, yeah. Feel free to drop some hints! I will be visiting local credit unions and asking why they rock. I expect to hear good things.

By the way, I was not bluffing about the nationwide system of free (and many deposit accepting) credit union ATMs. Another reason it pays (literally) to be well informed. (Actually, that might be the first reason I’ve given here for it paying to be well informed, but you get the idea.)


2 Responses to “Wachovia Is Trying To Lose A Customer”

  1. Momma Says:

    There’s an American Eagle down near Three Brothers Restaurant. If you close your account with Wachovia and show the proof to American Eagle they’ll give you $50.00 for your account. I’ve been pretty satisfied with them so far, but then, I don’t really spend that much money lately…

  2. Zack Says:

    American Eagle is a credit union, right? And what do you mean “proof”?

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