The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

I was looking at my bank account tonight, which is in shambles, and caught myself about to say the following:

“Man, I hate Christmas.”

That makes me feel terrible, really, because it isn’t true. I love Christmas, and I love getting things for my friends and family. I enjoy taking time every year to think about the people important to me and try to answer the question “what would make them happier?” and then doing or getting it. I like doing it so much that I’m often happy to do it any old time of the year if the moment is right. There are, however, a few things that do bother me about Christmas.

  • That it starts two weeks before Thanksgiving, ruining two holidays at once. I can’t enjoy Thanksgiving because there is Christmas music on the radio and I can’t enjoy Christmas because I’ve already been dealing with it for a month and a half and am tired of it.
  • That it takes over everything. Half of my favorite radio stations have switched to all Christmas music. If they loose me as a listener, it’s hardly my fault.
  • That it’s always about the goods. As I said, I love getting things for people, but I am just as happy to show my love doing something for someone if that is better. I know, I know, I will sound like a Grinch saying this, but it is the department stores who have told us that it’s the cost of a gift that shows you love them. I’d rather receive a gift someone got for free but that shows they thought about it then something huge, and I’m lucky to have people around me who are typically very thoughtful.

Speaking of which, I’ve been offering people the option this year of of giving to charity instead of giving to me. It’s not that I want to be all high and mighty; I had a few things I really wanted and I asked the right people for them. However, most of my friends have had trouble thinking of things to get me, and for good reason. I don’t have a lot I need at the moment. So I don’t want those people to feel like they have to find something (anything!) so they can give me a box, when the money would be better served going somewhere else. My mom and I are doing it in a big way, not sure about anyone else as of yet. And I’m giving gifts to everyone, so no worries people! Which brings us, conveniently, full circle.

Man, my bank account looks terrible.


One Response to “The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year”

  1. Terrie Says:

    Really enjoyed reading this. I know what you mean. Christmas is so commerialized you can’t even enjoy it like we did growing up years ago. We got 2 things for Christmas if we were lucky but appreciated things more back then. Today, everything is taken for granted. Good luck with your venture.
    Terrie Cummings

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