Is It Just Me

Or is this little device pretty cool? It’s a newspaper brick maker. Apparently, the idea is to use recycled paper pressed into little bricks to fuel your fires. It’s relatively cheap, and I get the feeling it wouldn’t be too hard to make if you are handy.

From my little bit of googling, it seems there are a few points the site leaves out (whether or not the product’s instructions include this I don’t know).

  • The device was originally designed for (and by?) people in third world countries who need the material to fuel wood stoves, etc.
  • The paper needs to be more then just wet – it needs to soak for at least two days, four is better (longer then seven and mold sets in). A few drops of bleach hep the process along, but the idea is to break the paper down into pulpy material. So if you’re going to do it, soak up a big load of paper and make a bunch.
  • Failing to do that will produce bricks which only smolder, not really burn.
  • They also burn much better if other scrap fuel (wood chips, grass clippings, coal dust) is added.

Still, seems like it would be fun to play with.


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