All I Want Is Something Simple

  • No history
  • No families
  • Good chemistry
  • Compatible schedules
  • Comfortable feeling
  • The ability to be honest about it with the people around me

Is anyone out there who wants the same?

(P.S.: I can exceptions for a very few people, who may or may not know who they are. ~.^ )

(P.S.:  I am talking about women!)


4 Responses to “All I Want Is Something Simple”

  1. Connie Says:

    I want the same. I claim one exception. Okay, it’s YOU!!! Doink!

  2. Momma Says:

    No History – Amnesia.
    No Families – Orphan.
    Good Chemistry – Science Nerd.
    Compatible Schedule – Has your same schedule.
    Comfortable Feeling – Wears fuzzy clothes.
    Ability of Honestness – Opens mouth without considering anything.

    I’ve got it – An orphan with amnesia with a profound love for science who happens to take all your classes and wears aesthetically pleasing clothing and often says things before thinking about them.

  3. Zack Says:

    You know, I’ve considered that, but I think it would require finding a well dressed, open-minded chem student and then killing her family, hacking into and changing her courses, and giving her brain damage, all of which seems neither like a good way to start a relationship or like “something simple.”

  4. Something Simple Revisit « The Sens-Dep Experience Says:

    […] while back I posted a list of things I wanted from a college relationship, referring to it as something simple. Since then, I’ve mostly given up on getting it, but I still feel like it warrants a little […]

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