Random Thoughts

Sometimes, I look through the referral info for the site and really just want to spend all my time imagining what people are looking for when they find me. Someone Googled “Shakespeare wrote in spanish” and got to my page. I remember the post they probably found: I mentioned a thought experiment that suggested Shakespeare couldn’t have written in Spanish because English has a richer vocabulary (owing to it’s complex origins in several ancient tongues). Still, don’t you have to wonder, was that what they were looking for? Or maybe its some conspiracy theory that says the English altered historical documents to steal the great bard. Or that he led a double life, linguistically. Who knows?

Anyway, the overdue summary of my new years resolutions will be forthcoming! As well as my new goals for this year (even though that list isn’t quite done). For now, though, a show about WWI dogfighting gave me some new perspective on an old novel, so I am off to worry about that.


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