Personal Victories

I wanted to take a minute to congratulate my mom, who I’ve been really impressed by lately. if ever you need proof that it’s possible to get a hold on personal finances, here it is. For about a year she has been making an effort to be more money conscious, tracking her bills more closely and avoiding temptations to splurge on herself. Instead, she’s been saving.

Today, we went to find a new car for her. The old one has been on it’s last legs for a long time. At the dealership, we found a good car and got a good price for the trade in only to find that the projected monthly payment was going to be way too high. Luckily, she’s been saving all year, just in case. She was able to put down a large down payment and drop the car payments into the range she was expecting, and we drove home in a new, reliable car. The best news is, she’s been working so hard on her buffer that even after the down payment she has something like three months’ salary in savings.

I want to wish her the best of luck in her continued work, and to enjoy the new car!


One Response to “Personal Victories”

  1. Connie Says:

    You are such a sweetie!!!

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