Resolution Roundup (The Final Edition!)

So, it may be news to some of you, but I originally started this blog tracking my progress towards a set of New Years resolutions (really, they began on my birthday, Jan. 15th last year, and went t my birthday this year). Here they are, to review:

1. Complete a working portfolio (photography, probably, but perhaps other graphic arts work too)
2. Organize writing collection (old fiction, etc)
3. Save at least an additional $1000
4. Get into Columbia University
5. Keep an up-to-date resume
6. Revive City of Shalom
7. Have at least one salad per week (hey, it’s a start)
8. Prepare a public art project expressing positive messages about the environmentto begin on my birthday (added to the list here.)

#1, #2, and #5, I am happy to report, were completed successfully. #4 was not, but these things happen (shush Moi!). #6 is in progress still (although this blog is part of that process, and has been active almost all year). #7 and #8, sadly, were both pretty well dropped. The salad thing still strikes me as a good idea though, so this year I am using the approach that I must have one salad for every time I have pizza. I expect this to mean I wont eat much of either, which I’ll take as a victory for my health.

All of that just leaves #3, the resolution I think I have talked the most about here. My goal was to save an additional $1,000 over the roughly $1,000 I currently had in my savings account. Did I do it? Yes and no. My current bank balance is around $1,400, which seems like a complete failure. I really wanted my savings, pure and simple, to read over $2,000 on my birthday. However, this leaves out two key factors. First, $300 is checks that my bank is being painfully slow about clearing, not that that is a surprise. So that makes it closer to $1,700. Add to that the $1,000 I invested on Prosper, which has already garnered $50, and my total comes up to about $2,750. Not bad at all.

This year I am trying for a 101 Goals in 1,001 Days list, but I was supposed to start on my birthday and my list still is not finished, so it will probably be a loser sort of arrangement. None-the-less, I’ll have details and updates soon. So come back now, ya hear?


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