On Being Disorganized

It’s starting to feel like I will be spending a lot of time at the beginning of this year contemplating my shortcomings and figuring out ways to help myself manage them.

In particular, I’m currently worrying about my utter, complete, incomprehensible inability to retain important documents. You name it, I’ve lost it. Government letters, important college forms, checks, the list goes on. I live in a black hole.


The immediate reason is that I pile. Papers, books, notes, photos, and countless other things get piled up in my room, on my desk, in the living room. One long-lost form that disappeared last semester turned up months later in a notebook. I worry, though, that a fair number get thrown out by accident (ironically, as I attempt to clean and organize).

Now I am sitting at my desk, wondering where the form with my plan of study and graduation requirements has disappeared to.

It’s clear that I should add “Create and use a clear, practical organization method for important documents.” Maybe something like “Search the house/dorm/my aura for paranormal vortices” too.


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