Perhaps I’ll Take The Job

I’ve been thinking lately that I might be happier with a full time job then I am at college. Don’t get me wrong, there are things I like a lot about college. Good friends, a good environment (even if it’s a cramped room), and generally the joys of learning. But I’ve been dreading going back after this break and I finally figured out why.

College makes it impossible to have a reliable schedule. I’ve held a summer job, and it wasn’t fun, but it fit into a very specific time period, and I could plan around it. College has it’s set time period – course are from then to then – but it also leaks into the rest of your life. Readings, homework assignments, movies to watch, photos to take, and always on extremely short notice. No one would put up with this from job, yet it’s standard in college. I was often told in high-school that learning was my job; in college, you better accept that it is your life or you will be routinely disappointed.

With a job, I could at least plan around it. Even if it’s not the best job ever, it will happen during set hours. There’s a cash reward, which increases if it the job goes outside it’s time frame. I can safely say, “After I work I can tend the garden for an hour, then cook dinner with my family and go to a movie tonight.” I’d be building savings, which I am guaranteed will have value in the future, instead of education, which can be pretty hit or miss in today’s America.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not dropping out. Not even near it. I just wish college were a bit more like a job and not like a lifestyle.


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