On Proper Blogs

This blog is doomed to a certain level of obscurity. Now, now, I’m not trying to be all whiny (done that plenty enough lately), I’m just stating a cold hard fact of blogging.

Personal or journal blogs do not compete with themed blogs.

The evidence abounds. JD, author of Get Rich Slowly and now Get Fit Slowly, also maintains a personal blog called Folded Space. The former has just passed five million hits (Congrats JD!), while the later… Well, I doubt there’s competition. Boing Boing, Make, No Impact Man, every blog I read is about something.

It’s not a complicated equation to figure out, really. No matter how interesting you may usually be, odds are a journal will just be too random to routinely interest the same people. A themed site will appeal to a smaller range of people, perhaps, but it will grab them more strongly, and the blogging business is all about repeat customers. It doesn’t mean that a journal blog like this one is a bad thing, just that you have to measure success by a different standard.
I’m laying all of this out because I have been thinking lately that perhaps I should start a second (well, third) blog with a proper theme. I love writing here, and wouldn’t plan on stopping. However, I admit that I would like a blog which could be financially successful, and this isn’t it. This is for fun, I’m looking for a writing job.

So the question to answer is, what theme? I couldn’t do financial, despite my interest in it; I’m just not that mathematically inclined, and besides, I think everyone would be better off if I directed them to JD’s blog. I’ve been writing a lot lately about college a purpose, which certainly is a topic with lots to be said about it, although it worries me that in about three years I will no longer be all that qualified to talk about it. That being said, a little cluelessness on my part could only help the diversity of ideas on the blog. Something along the lines of  gardening, local eating, etc. could work as well in terms of my interest for it, but I feel uncertain about it for some reason.

So what does everyone think? This is about serving the readers what they want, and that is YOU. So please, give me your ideas and input!


2 Responses to “On Proper Blogs”

  1. doug Says:

    why don;t you write a blog that reviews blogs and gives links to other cool blogs. You could review books, movies and TV also but I never know where to go to find cool blogs I usually just stumble on to them

  2. Dr. Tom Bibey Says:

    As far as I know my blog is the only physician bluegrass fiction writer’s weblog on wordpress. It is doing well, and grows every month. My genre is modern medical bluegrass grit lit.

    George Burns said the secret to his long life was that he had an act and it was George Burns. Mine is Tommy Bibey. I am true to myself, and only want to be what I am.

    Dig way down deep inside, know how you are unique, become good at what you do, then write about it. Like yourself enough that you are not concerned if others show up or not, and it will work.

    Dr. B drtombibey.wordpress.com

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