So, I decided on a topic for a new blog, and even went ahead and registered the domain here at wordpress (you can see my lovely placeholder at No sooner was that done then I began to worry about it. Here’s my problem: Part of the reason I want to start the new blog is to design it to be a popular and financial success. However, wordpress does not currently support advertising (otherwise, it would probably be here already ^^).

So my options are to move to, where I can have advertising, or keep it here and hope that, by the time I have enough readers to make a difference, they will have added advertising capability to the site. Thoughts?


2 Responses to “Hmm…”

  1. doug Says:


    never wait and hope someone else does something

  2. Zack Says:

    I would tend to agree, but after tonight two things have changed my mind about it.

    First: Trying to use google’s Blogger, which admittedly makes it ridiculously easy to use Google Adsense, but is otherwise a pain in the butt and ugly.

    Second: The ad-compatibility is supposed to be in progress, and they tend to roll out new features fairly quick.

    Besides, if need be, I can always move to a different host later. So I think I will launch here. Probably.

    Thanks to the people who sent private comments too.

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