Really? I Mean, Really?

I recently received a comment on one of my posts that has me asking a lot of questions. It’s doesn’t really matter which post, because my interest in the comment has nothing to do with what he was responding to. It read as follows:

As far as I know my blog is the only physician bluegrass fiction writer’s weblog on wordpress. It is doing well, and grows every month. My genre is modern medical bluegrass grit lit.

George Burns said the secret to his long life was that he had an act and it was George Burns. Mine is Tommy Bibey. I am true to myself, and only want to be what I am.

Dig way down deep inside, know how you are unique, become good at what you do, then write about it. Like yourself enough that you are not concerned if others show up or not, and it will work.

Dr. B

For the record, and because this does appear to be a real person, not spam as I originally thought, the post was On Proper Blogs.

Now then, I have to know…  Is “modern medical bluegrass grit lit” really a genre? Is it as awesome and wacky as it sounds? His blog offers no clues, so far, although I worry I’m about to lose a night.

Thanks, Dr. Bibey, for your advice, and keep on doing what you do.


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