Knowing Who Your Friends Are

A while back, I saw this advice on a website somewhere. The site was talking about the general degradation of inter-personal relationships, and so started by posing this question, which is easy to answer but difficult to accept.

If you want to know how many friends you really have, answer this: If you had a picture of yourself doing something very wrong, both morally and legally (like bestiality) how many people could you trust it with? Those people are your real friends.

I believe the site went on to say that the average was about one or two, down from (presumably by a different measure) 6-10 something like a hundred years ago, and that many people have no one at all.


One Response to “Knowing Who Your Friends Are”

  1. doug Says:

    If thats the definition then I want to be your father not your friend I don’t want no besiality pics

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