Two BoingBoingish Things

First off, a tear free onion. Not only am I deeply saddened at the notion of future generations not experiencing the simple joy of watching another person cry over a vegetable, but I’m pretty sure they’re trading something (taste, nutrition, etc) for this convenience. Honestly, people, just use a sharp knife and it’s not that bad. My main interest in the article, though, is the term “gene jockey.” Is this becoming common parlance for scientists doing genetic modification? Because that would be awesome. I’ll still stick with the heirloom veggies when I can though, thanks.

Second, ongoing reports that a fifth major undersea communications cable has been cut. This story just keeps getting more bizarre. Apparently, at least one was shut down, not cut, but the other four have been severed. I should make this clear: to my knowledge, it’s really hard to sever one (they’re buried and well insulated and such), and they’re also very hard to repair when damaged (since you have to , find, retrieve, patch, and rebury and sensitive fiber optic cable in deep water). Apparently, no one is crying “terrorism!” just yet, which strikes me as really strange for this administration (c’mon, blame Iran!). Officials don’t have any good theory right now though. BoingBoing readers have the answer: giant monster.


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