The Big Weekend

This is the last weekend before the launch of Step Lightly. I’m stoked, even though that means there is a good deal of editing in my near future.

I figured out what to Lent (love ya, Moi!): fried foods. Already, of course, there are problems. Or, at least, points of contention. Is Chinese food friend? Fried rice certainly sounds like it is, but wok fried is different then deep frying or pan frying, right? My roommate also swears that orange chicken must have been fried at some point (ie. deep fried and then cooked in the sauce), and he may have a point, which makes me sad. Is pan frying even comparable to deep frying?

I suppose I original was thinking of french fries and chicken tenders, not any food associated with hot oil in any way. Seriously, on campus options are dropping like flies here. Still, if the one is as bad as the other, then they should all get tossed out.

Until March 23rd.

So, if you want my initial thoughts on Lent, here you go: Why do Christians do this!?

Kidding. I’m stoked, even if it’s hard. Later days!

PS: How the hell does this idea allow me to still eat nasty greasy pizza? Phrasing is clearly important.


One Response to “The Big Weekend”

  1. Connie Says:

    See? Rutabagas. Simple. NO QUESTIONS! This wisdom comes from years of knuckle -whacking attendance at a Catholic school. I learned a few things, you know!

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